Barnaby Monk



Duo and partners Laetitia Migliore (1980) and Barnaby Monk (1977) explore and develop a variety of tools for a Postcapitalist transition under the alias Herbert Luciole. Since 2012 their practice focuses on disrupting current political devices and ideologies.

Herbert Luciole have collaborated extensively on creative projects in Art Building, Production Design, Film Directing and Interactive Prototyping. They use skills, experience and materials from their commercial work, in order to ask the question


– How do we turn the gaze of technology back onto the institutions of power?


Herbert Luciole acknowledge their complicity in the system that surrounds us all, however they believe that participation in society, as it is today, does not disqualify them from trying to change it.

Capitalism and the “free market” today is the illusion of choice that masks a preordained social order. System change is their chosen solution and mass participation is the way to bring about.