Jesus Canuto Iglesias

EXPO outdoor


A bench for artistic sound contemplation.


De zintuiglijke installaties van Jesus Canuto Iglesias bevragen de ervaring van de bezoeker.

Iglesias studeerde onlangs af aan de interfaculteit Artscience van de KABK en het Koninklijk Conservatorium. Als multidisciplinair kunstenaar combineert hij conceptuele uitgangspunten met traditionele technieken en technologische elementen.


A bench for artistic sound contemplation is an interactive installation involving a polished steel bench that is fitted with unbalanced stepper motors that create a haptic musical composition meant to be felt with the lower part of the body as one contemplates de artistic environment around them and as one feels the different physical properties of vibration and resonance with their bodies.  


Jesus Canuto Iglesias is a Spanish artist based in the Netherlands. His work makes usage of different sensorial stimulation  to transmit  ideas relating to contemporary topics. He makes usage of the contrasts offered by artistic intermodality and its stereotypes, of implied meanings, of sensorial effects and of cognitive biases  to create works that have a pluralistic conceptual subjectivity. The usage of materials and techniques or technologies is related to the current interests of the Artist and its development in different areas of expertise. 


Jesus Canuto Iglesias graduated in 2019 from the Royal Academy of Art of The Hague with an ArtScience degree. In the past he has obtained different Masters and Diplomas in Fashion and advertising Photography at  Escuela TAI and Conceptual Photography at Efti in Madrid.