2020 TEC ART Symposium



TEC ART Symposium

wed febr 5   20 h   0€

WORM Filmhaus
Boomgaardsstraat 71



PLANETART Medialab kicks off her 2020 theme QUANTUM SUPREMACY at the TEC ART symposium in WORM


lectures by:
George van Hal, author and science journalist at De Volkskrant
Anton Akhmerov, associate professor at Delft University of Technology, Quantum Tinkerer group
Roos Groothuizen, artist and designer concerned about digital rights
Cyanne van den Houten, artist and designer, digital experimentalist

Barnaby Monk, artist and designer
Moderator: Josephine Bosma, journalist, netart critic


“Quantum supremacy is a revolutionary breakthrough of technological superiority. Google, Microsoft and other major technical companies are working on this development. As a result, quantum computers will soon perform calculations in 3 minutes, that would take the fastest computer of today about 10,000 years!
What will this technological superiority entail?


With Quantum Supremacy TEC ART 2020 presents a mind-blowing, controversial but urgent theme. Quantum supremacy stands for that moment when a quantum computer will outperform a classic computer in unimaginably revolutionary ways. It is claimed that quantum computers will be 1 billion times faster than present-day computers! Google, Microsoft, IBM and other companies and their partners worldwide are competing to reach quantum supremacy and to develop a consumer-grade quantum computer. Competition is fierce. When Google claimed to have reached quantum supremacy mid-2019, this claim was immediately criticized and rejected by other developers and critics. It seems, however, they are getting close…
What would it be like to live in a quantum future? Can we co-create it?

Quantum Supremacy – De Droom van de Supercomputer

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